It is well-known that many regulations of all kinds have been altered and amended in our world this year as a result of the pandemic we have experienced. Educator evaluations in Tennessee are no exception. The following amendment has been added to the evaluation protocol for the school year 2020-21:

The new Tennessee law provides that data generated by statewide assessments, the Pre-K/Kindergarten growth portfolio model, and alternative growth models administered in the 2020-21 year must be excluded from an educator’s evaluation unless including the data results in a higher Level of Overall effectiveness (LOE) score for the educator. The LOE, also referred to as the final evaluation score, is the evaluation score for an educator that combines qualitative measures, growth measures, and achievement measures. The result of the new law is that educators will be able to select the LOE score that most benefits them if multiple LOE options are available, or they may elect to nullify the LOE.


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