Our 5 Favorite Valentine’s Day STEM Activities

Bring STEM fun to your Valentine’s Day this year! Giving your lessons a quick Valentine’s Day makeover is a great way to get your kids excited to learn. Your students can work together to solve problems and make their creativity shine with these 5 Valentine’s Day inspired STEM activities! 

“Heavy” Hearts Challenge by FEELGOODTEACHING

In “Heavy” Hearts, students fill an outer heart with inner hearts they create in three unique size/color groups. Each heart is given point values based on the criteria & constraints and measurement standards set by the teacher. Students are aiming to find the configuration that creates the “heaviest” heart.

Find this activity here.

Cupid’s Bow by Jennifer Findley

Combine STEM and ELA in the classroom with this fun Valentine’s Day activity! For this activity, Jennifer starts by reading a bit about the history of Cupid and the significance of his bow and arrow. After reading and getting your students engaged in the topic, it’s time to move in to the creating part where the students engineer their own bow and arrow. Depending on your students’ levels and their experience with engineering challenges, you can create a plan together or simply use the directions in this post for creating a mini workable bow and arrow like Cupid’s.

Find this activity here.

Heart Coding Bracelets by Little Bins for Little Hands

This project is a great way to introduce your students to coding without using a screen.This is a really fun STEM craft for kids who aren’t always interested in crafty projects. There’s a specific purpose to the colors and patterns because you are using the binary code. This hands-on activity will allow your students to explore binary code in a less intimidating way, while also tying in the upcoming holiday!

Find this activity here.

Candy Heart Scientific Observations by Curriculum Castle

This simple, inexpensive project is the perfect way to incorporate Valentine’s Day into your science lessons. This acidity and density activity will have your students make predictions, test their theories, and record their results like a true scientist! This is a great way to add visual learning into your upcoming lessons. 

Find this activity here.

Heart Engineers by Kindergarten Connection

Combine math and science with structured play using this Heart Engineers STEM activity! Students will love this hands-on, Valentine’s Day themed STEM project that allows them to solve a problem while also getting to express their creativity! You can do this project using many different materials, so you won’t have to worry about buying more supplies for this classroom project. 

Find this activity here.

We hope you and your students have a great time exploring and learning with these Valentine’s Day inspired STEM challenges. Let us know if you plan on using any of these in your classroom this year! 

Find more classroom resources, project ideas, and lesson plan inspiration on our Valentine’s Day Pinterest board!


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