8 Art Activities for Celebrating Black History Month in the Classroom

With one week left of Black History Month, we wanted to bring you eight simple art activities that will teach your students more about the importance of black history while also allowing them to express their personal creativity. While Black History Month ends on February 28th, it is an important topic to discuss with your students year-round.

Collaboration Quilt Poster by Jenny Knappenberger

Learn about the intricate history of quilts in the African American community while also introducing your classroom to the stories and faces of notable African Americans whose lives, struggles, and tireless efforts have made significant contributions to our culture and our history with this Collaborative Quilt project! For this activity, students will research and write biographies and work as a team to create the final quilt.

Find this activity here.

George Washington Carver Paper Plate Peanut Craft by Happy Toddler Playtime

George Washington Carver is credited with giving us peanut butter, but his influence spanned much farther than that. He was instrumental in the introduction of sustainable farming practices to the Black farming community in the South. Some of these practices are still used today! Learn more about this importance of Carver’s hard work with this peanut paper plate craft!

Find this activity here.

Junior Engineers Space Shuttle by Little Bins for Little Hands

This activity explores the life and work of Mae Jemison, the American engineer, physician, and former NASA astronaut who became the first black woman to travel into space aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour. This project combines art with engineering as your students design and build their own space shuttle using simple supplies!

Find this activity here.

Paint Like Alma by I Heart Art

This project challenges students to create a painting in the style of abstract painter, Alma Woodsey Thomas. After watching the linked video about the life and legacy of Alma Thomas, students will be tasked to create a painting using a similar abstract style. This project allows your classroom to explore different art styles while still being able to add their own personal touch.

Find this activity here.

Traffic Light Color Matching by No Time for Flash Cards

Introduce your students to influential inventor Garrett Morgan with this color matching activity. Garrett Morgan is credited with the creation of many important inventions that we still use today. One of these patented inventions was the traffic light! Practice fine motor skills and color knowledge as you create your own traffic light to display in the classroom.

Find this activity here.

Loïs Mailou Jones Fine Art Project by Art Projects for Kids

This project dives into the world of fine art as your students explore the art style of Loïs Mailou Jones, an influential artist and teacher that paved the way for black artists in the world of fine art. Jones often used her favorite patterns and colors arranged in a grid format to create her bold designs. This project allows students to try out her art style in their own way by rearranging patterns to create a special drawing inspired by the influential artist.

Find this activity here.

Harriet Tubman Lantern Sun Catcher Craft by Happy Toddler Playtime

The lantern is a symbol often associated with Harriet Tubman, who used the lantern to lead hundreds of enslaved people to freedom under the cover of darkness using the Underground Railroad. Using colored tissue paper, students will create a lantern sun catcher that can be hung on classroom windows for the sun to shine through and light up the lantern! This activity challenges your students to work on their fine motor skills while also teaching them about the important role Tubman played in American history.

Find this activity here.

Jazz Instrument Craft by Woo! Jr.

For this project, students will learn about the critical role Jazz music had in the Civil Rights Movement and how it is integral to African American history. Students can choose between multiple instruments used in Jazz music to use as their model for the project. Introduce your classroom to inspirational Jazz artists such as Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and Nina Simone while they work to create their art piece.

Find this activity here.

Looking for a more simple brain break for Black History Month? Check out these free Black History coloring pages for a fun, stress free way to celebrate and learn about the achievements of African Americans in US History!

We hope you enjoyed this list of art projects for you to incorporate into your lessons this month. Let us know what your favorite activities are for celebrating Black History Month in the classroom!

Find more classroom resources, project ideas, and lesson plan inspiration on our Black History Month Pinterest board!


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