Low Morale & Burnout

Our Executive Director posted his thoughts about low morale and burnout in the career world. Read more here…

JC Bowman

prof classe 05Passion and energy within any organization or company starts at the top with the leadership.   The moment when an employee begins to feel unappreciated is when morale begins to suffer.  Lack of respect and lack of support are often cited as reasons why people leave their jobs.  Other reasons include excessive workload, concerns about management, anxiety about the future, especially job security, income and retirement security, lack of recognition, continuous change and compensation that does not align with exceptional performance.  Anxiety and anger are key ingredients of low morale.

A decade ago, the Gallup Organization estimated that disengaged employees cost the economy as much as $350 billion dollars per year in lost productivity including absenteeism, illness and other low morale issues.  An alarming 70% of American workers are not showing up to work committed to delivering their best performance, and this has serious implications for the bottom line of individual…

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Easter Activities For Teachers & Students

Looking for fun Easter activities that are fun and educational? We have a few to suggest for you and for your students! See the links below: Mathematics Easter Math Worksheets Easter Egg Fractions Easter Multiplication Language Arts "Bunny" Business: Literacy Worksheet Easter Worksheet for Sight and Sound Reading Easter Eggs Everywhere! Preposition Worksheet  

Famous Female Educators

In honor of Women's History Month, here are a few famous female educators we want to spotlight:   First Lady Abigail Powers Fillmore (1798-1853) Abigail Powers Fillmore began teaching school at the age of sixteen.  Not only was she a well-respected teacher, she was also a passionate and enthusiastic lifetime learner.  In addition to teaching, … Continue reading Famous Female Educators

DonorsChoose.org Helps A Teacher Fund A Classroom

Recently, Professional Educators of Tennessee teamed up with AMBA to to assist an educator with a DonorsChoose.org project. We wanted to share with you a few of the sweet thank you notes we received. For more information about the project, please click here.

Businesses That Offer Discounts for Educators

Businesses That Offer Educator Discounts (for classroom supplies) Barnes & Nobel Books-A-Million Office Depot Staples Businesses with Discounts for Our Members (for classroom supplies) Costco Dollar Days FedEx Office Target Teacher's Crate Walgreens Dell, Inc. Hewlett-Packard Lenovo Panasonic Samsung