Experience Matters in Education

We must keep our most effective educators in the classroom and public education. We are losing too many good educators due to frustration, increased job demands, workload, and quality of life issues. Retention is critical. Retiring teachers or retired teachers may be willing to return to the job for the right opportunity. As much as … Continue reading Experience Matters in Education


Advice for New Teachers

Last week, we asked veteran teachers on social media to tell us what piece of advice they would give to new teachers entering the classroom this year. This is what they said: Pray for your students. Many are coming into that classroom with issues that no child should have to endure. Get organized and stay … Continue reading Advice for New Teachers

Things Educators Wish More People Knew About Their Profession

This week, we asked our members what they wish more people knew about being in the education profession. Here are some of their responses. "It's practically impossible to leave work at work. It might be planning, grading, or just plain thinking about work and our students...but leaving it in the school building is not a … Continue reading Things Educators Wish More People Knew About Their Profession

Merry Christmas, ProEd Leaders

A note from Executive Director JC Bowman to the ProEd Local Leaders team that we wanted to share. I want to wish each of you a Merry Christmas. So, it is important to me that I share a story from my Christian faith. If people know anything about Jesus, it is that he was a … Continue reading Merry Christmas, ProEd Leaders

Nobody Wins When We Fight

Children hate when their parents fight like children, unable to control their emotions. Teachers can tell when students are upset and bring their home life into the classroom. It is a sad and often unspoken truth that educators confront on a daily basis: nobody wins when parents fight. The same is true about organizations, political … Continue reading Nobody Wins When We Fight