Educator Licensure in Tennessee

Do you have questions about your Tennessee Educator Licensure?  If so, everything you need can be found on online. Click the following links: Educator Preparation Programs - If you want to become a teacher in Tennessee Educator Licensure - If you have recently applied for educator license in Tennessee Licensure Changes since 2015 – New … Continue reading Educator Licensure in Tennessee

Why Teachers Do What They Do!

This is a picture that is four years in the making, but to understand the story is really a bond between a student and a trusted teacher. Jay Shin is a senior at Walker Valley High School in the Bradley County School System in Tennessee.  Joel Swartzel is Special Education teacher in the system. Jay is a … Continue reading Why Teachers Do What They Do!

Culture Still Matters

Our public schools are integrally situated to communicate society’s values, such as individual responsibility, patriotism, integrity, objectivity, justice, respect for others, being on time, doing a good job, working well with others, being a good citizen, and exercising democracy in government and other interactions. 

Tennessee Teacher Bill of Rights Tennessee State Rep. Jay Reedy & Professional Educators of Tennessee lobbyist/COO, Audrey Shores explain how the Tennessee Teacher Bill of Rights came into existence and what they means for Tennessee educators.

Teachers Have a Choice

We offer a modern approach to teacher representation, legal protection and unmatched educational advocacy, as well as promoting professionalism, collaboration and excellence without a partisan agenda.