Jefferson & Public Education

The evidence is clear that Jefferson was correct in the importance of public education for the future of democracy and the United States of America. Jefferson believed that “no other sure foundation can be devised for the preservation of freedom and happiness” and that failing to provide public education would “leave the people in ignorance.” Our job is to make sure we build on that foundation.

United States Department of Education and the Circular Firing Squad

America has progressed much since 1979, and it is time to re-envision the role the US Department of Education will play moving forward in policy. It is likely any problem or challenge facing public education is best resolved at the local or state level, not by the federal government.

The Price of Leadership

If the price of leadership is responsibility, then let’s restore our local school districts and embolden them with adequate resources to accomplish the critical mission in which they have been charged to undertake. State agencies must be more accountable to those they are supposed to serve: parents and taxpayers—not federal bureaucrats.

Saying “Thank You” on Labor Day

In the article “12 Seriously Stressful Jobs,” Miranda Marquit lists teaching as being 5th most stressful job in America. Do you know what are 1-4? A combat soldier, air traffic controller, firefighter and coal miner are the only people who have more stressful jobs than a teacher.