Why Change?

This is a question we could ask ourselves almost daily, on any given topic. But before we consider the reasons, let’s take it back to the beginning. When you bring home your newborn infant, do you expect that precious bundle to remain the same for all time? Would that even be a consideration? Of course … Continue reading Why Change?


Poverty & Education

Poverty, in itself, is a very uncomfortable topic. It is a dark cloud that looms in the backyard. It is a whisper that passes by individuals who, rather than confront it, tiptoe around the idea whenever they hear it brought up. But, like it or not, it is a conversation that we need to start having.

Inspire… Instruct…Involve.

We must remember we are all connected.  Only by working together do we have a chance of turning adversity into opportunity. To build our organization and to deliver top quality opportunities for our members as we grow our organizations we need greater collaboration. Learning does not always translate into action. In spite of significant investments … Continue reading Inspire… Instruct…Involve.