The Reading Wars Continue

I tend to avoid the debates among people discussing reading. I think there is some truth in all sides of a debate. I learned to read early and easily. I am also unabashedly an advocate for children with dyslexia, as it has been an issue identified and championed by our members. I am encouraged by … Continue reading The Reading Wars Continue

7 Ways to Foster Parent Engagement

As educators, we all know how crucial parental engagement is to a student’s success in school. We wish that we could engage all parents with the snap of our fingers. For some parents, teachers don’t even have to do that much. And yet, other parents take far more cajoling. Try some of the hints listed … Continue reading 7 Ways to Foster Parent Engagement

Tips for Effective Communication with Legislators

As a Tennessean, one of your greatest responsibilities is to help elect the legislators who represent you and the state's seven million other residents. You, your fellow citizens, and educators need an informed voice. They need you. There is no stronger influence on education legislation than the voice of actual classroom teachers. Below you will … Continue reading Tips for Effective Communication with Legislators

Advice for New Teachers

Last week, we asked veteran teachers on social media to tell us what piece of advice they would give to new teachers entering the classroom this year. This is what they said: Pray for your students. Many are coming into that classroom with issues that no child should have to endure. Get organized and stay … Continue reading Advice for New Teachers

Tennessee Juneteenth Celebration List 2022

On Sunday, June 19th, people around the country will be celebrating an important day in American history, Juneteenth. Juneteenth marks the day 2,000 Union troops arrived in Galveston Bay, Texas to announce the freedom of over 250,000 slaves by executive decree. The National Museum of African American History and Culture states, "The historical legacy of … Continue reading Tennessee Juneteenth Celebration List 2022

Things Educators Wish More People Knew About Their Profession

This week, we asked our members what they wish more people knew about being in the education profession. Here are some of their responses. "It's practically impossible to leave work at work. It might be planning, grading, or just plain thinking about work and our students...but leaving it in the school building is not a … Continue reading Things Educators Wish More People Knew About Their Profession

7 R’s Reveal Back to School Realities Post COVID

Recovery.  Our approach to returning to school in September 2021 has to be one of recovery. The challenge faced by educators is that recovery must be as unique as the impact of the pandemic was on each child. Mental health is as much of a concern as is unfinished learning. Teachers, counselors, social workers, nurses, … Continue reading 7 R’s Reveal Back to School Realities Post COVID