Ethics Training for Educators

Christy Ballard is the long time General Counsel of Tennessee Department of Education.   Nobody in the state knows Education Law or Ethics in Tennessee better than Christy Ballard.  And  she shares her vast knowledge. 

The Intent and Spirit of Collaborative Conferencing

Have educators achieved all that was intended from the passing of the Professional Educators Collaborative Conferencing Act of 2011 (PECCA) and the required training?  No.  And it is time to assess our progress and adjust the legislation. Let’s examine TCA § 49-5-601 which contains the statement of purpose for PECCA.  First, PECCA is about education, … Continue reading The Intent and Spirit of Collaborative Conferencing

When You Have Knowledge…Report!

Some laws that are very important for both the protection of the student and implementation of that protection, are sometimes misunderstood and misconstrued. A perfect example is Tennessee Code Annotated § 37-1-403 which appears below and requires reporting of child abuse immediately. Recently, because of the dramatic, emotional and immediate circumstances which trigger this law, … Continue reading When You Have Knowledge…Report!

Nonrenewal or Termination of Your Contract

No one likes to hear those words, but you need to know what to do if it ever happens. First and foremost is to quietly find out why. It may be budgetary, revision of the curriculum or the administration may have decided your abilities don’t match evenly with their expectations. That’s a nice way of … Continue reading Nonrenewal or Termination of Your Contract