The Reading Wars Continue

I tend to avoid the debates among people discussing reading. I think there is some truth in all sides of a debate. I learned to read early and easily. I am also unabashedly an advocate for children with dyslexia, as it has been an issue identified and championed by our members. I am encouraged by … Continue reading The Reading Wars Continue

Problems with Restorative Justice

I grew up in the idyllic town of Cleveland, Tennessee. Nestled on the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. I was fortunate to be from a town that valued faith, family, and education. It was a quintessential life for an American boy. I lived on Sycamore Drive growing up. I look back and see the … Continue reading Problems with Restorative Justice

7 Reasons Parents Need to Be Involved in Their Children’s Education

What is the easiest way to predict a student’s academic achievement in school? No, it is not a socioeconomic status or how prestigious the school is where the child attends. It is the extent to which families encourage learning at home, and are they engaged in their child’s education. Parents can help their children learn … Continue reading 7 Reasons Parents Need to Be Involved in Their Children’s Education

7 Ways to Foster Parent Engagement

As educators, we all know how crucial parental engagement is to a student’s success in school. We wish that we could engage all parents with the snap of our fingers. For some parents, teachers don’t even have to do that much. And yet, other parents take far more cajoling. Try some of the hints listed … Continue reading 7 Ways to Foster Parent Engagement