Remembering Others This Thanksgiving

As a teacher I used to keep a framed picture in my classroom which said, “Your Life is God’s gift to you. What you do with your Life is your gift to God.” I truly wish every child could hear that repeated every day. And what teachers do with their gift benefits so many children … Continue reading Remembering Others This Thanksgiving

Top 10 Reasons We Are Grateful to Be Educators

As an educator, I’m thankful for: Students who, without fail, say “good morning” to me every day The feeling I get when I finally reach the bottom of a stack of student essays The look on a student’s face when they finally “get it” Three-day weekends The deductions from my paycheck which mean I have … Continue reading Top 10 Reasons We Are Grateful to Be Educators

Grateful Educator Because of Grateful Students

I want to share a note I received from one of my former students. I am grateful to be an educator because of grateful students like Kiki. Receiving notes like this is what makes being an educator worthwhile. I hope this note warms your heart like it did mine...

Why Am I Grateful to be An Educator

Why am I grateful to be a teacher? Of course, I am most thankful for my students. It is an absolute privilege to teach today’s youth. Even after dealing with some very difficult situations during my career, teaching has brought me much satisfaction and joy. Yes, joy. How can one spend 900 hours a year … Continue reading Why Am I Grateful to be An Educator