Educator Self – Care Tips During Quarantine

Tennessee Educators are the best! We love and appreciate you always, but especially now during this trying time for all of us. Thank you for remaining the rocks stars you are.  Here are some tips for YOU, Educators, that we hope you may use to practice some self-care!

  • Journaling is an activity that generally helps when you are feeling stressed. Something about putting those feelings on paper is like you are unloading your cares.
  • A continuous diet of the news can add to feelings of anxiety. Sure, it is good to be informed, but you do not need to know every statistic to be in the know.
  • This is a great time to plan for new things you want to do when school is back in session. There are countless blogs to help with that as well as Pinterest and Etsy.
Photo by Breakingpic from Pexels
  • At-home spa day is always fun! Do face masks, take a bubble bath, try a new hairstyle. On the bright side, if it looks bad you don’t have to go out.
  • What about all those books you have wanted to read? Reading provides a great escape from current events!
  • Checking in with friends you have not talked with recently could help relieve tensions. Make sure it is a friend with whom you can laugh and reminisce, not one who will pull you down.
  • YouTube tutorials are a great way to get your mind on other things. Perhaps you have been putting off learning how to knit, crochet, or do calligraphy. You can find tutorials for almost anything you can imagine online and teach yourself!
Photo by from Pexels
  • Many of us are probably doing this already, but just give yourself permission to binge-watch a new show, or re-watch an old favorite!
  • Shop! (online, that is) As long as you are not looking for toilet paper, you can find tons of helpful things such as adult coloring books, and stress toys on Amazon.
  • As a member of Professional Educators of Tennessee, you have access to many discounts on a variety of products and services including food & dining, entertainment, shopping, and travel.


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  • This extra unexpected time you have been given with your family is very special. Find times to make good memories by spending time together having picnics in the living room while watching a movie, playing board games, and other activities that you never seem to have time for.  Reach out to those who are not with you by using ZOOM or SKYPE to keep in touch.

Remember, without you, there wouldn’t be scientists trying to solve this crisis. There wouldn’t be authors writing those books that take your mind off things. There wouldn’t be directors to give you all the binge-watching worthy shows. All of it’s because of you! Stay safe, stay calm, and remember you are awesome!


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