Mandates Must Include Funding

State mandates must include funding, and if districts use their own resources then they should be free to create their own program, modify the RTI2 program or discontinue it all together. 

Inspire… Instruct…Involve.

We must remember we are all connected.  Only by working together do we have a chance of turning adversity into opportunity. To build our organization and to deliver top quality opportunities for our members as we grow our organizations we need greater collaboration. Learning does not always translate into action. In spite of significant investments … Continue reading Inspire… Instruct…Involve.

Culture Still Matters

Our public schools are integrally situated to communicate society’s values, such as individual responsibility, patriotism, integrity, objectivity, justice, respect for others, being on time, doing a good job, working well with others, being a good citizen, and exercising democracy in government and other interactions. 

Tennessee Teacher Bill of Rights Tennessee State Rep. Jay Reedy & Professional Educators of Tennessee lobbyist/COO, Audrey Shores explain how the Tennessee Teacher Bill of Rights came into existence and what they means for Tennessee educators.

Teacher Dismissals Often Arbitrary

There is little doubt that many teacher dismissals are arbitrary. Too much of public education is still subjective, rather than objective. Teacher assessment is a difficult task and generally is not done with exacting measures.