Teacher Voice

Let’s discuss teacher voice for a moment.

There are many organizations who claim to “give teachers a voice.” The problem with this wording is that it implies that educators don’t already have their own voices, their own opinions.

In our experience, nothing can be further from the truth.

Educators don’t need to be told their opinions on issues. Educators don’t need someone’s permission to think. Educators certainly should not face consequences for forming and sharing their opinions in ways that advance the profession and serve their students, even if it opposes the majority.

No, especially if it opposes the majority.

The Educator seeks to be a forum where professional educators can share their views and discuss issues in education. We will feature guest bloggers. We will feature ProEdTN members. We will feature ProEdTN nonmembers. We will share information and request discussion.

The Educator will never be ProEdTN’s bully pulpit, soap box, or propaganda machine. We will never purport to “give teachers a voice.”

Educators don’t need to be given a voice. What educators need is a megaphone, and that’s precisely what this blog is for.girl with megaphone


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