NAEP Results in Tennessee


The results of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) — also known as the Nation’s Report Card — are out.  “Like any other test I am careful about reading too much into the results,” according to JC Bowman, Professional Educators of Tennessee.   He added: “Researchers will keep analyzing data, looking at maps, and searching for trends.  In the end, Tennessee did not see statistically significant changes in its 4th and 8th grade math or reading scores. We did decline in 4th grade math scores.” Tennessee was one of 10 states that saw a decline in scores in grade 4 math.  Nationally, Tennessee ranks 34th in fourth-grade math and reading; we were 35th nationally in eighth-grade math, and 38th nationally in eighth-grade reading.  This NAEP assessment was taken in January 2017, and the next NAEP exam will be administered in January 2019. NAEP is currently transitioning from paper and pencil to digitally based assessments, similar to assessments in Tennessee.   Commissioner Candice McQueen pointed out “we know where we are and have more granular information on better assessments.”   Overall, Tennessee shows a record of improvement on NAEP over the last decade.


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