7 Reasons Parents Need to Be Involved in Their Children’s Education

What is the easiest way to predict a student’s academic achievement in school? No, it is not a socioeconomic status or how prestigious the school is where the child attends. It is the extent to which families encourage learning at home, and are they engaged in their child’s education.

  1. Parents can help their children learn to read and/or become better readers. Children need to know that reading is an important skill. When parents are involved in that process, children tend to value it more. Children need to see parents reading also, for information and enjoyment.
  2. When parents are aware of what children are learning in school, they can have conversations about the material and relate their own experiences to their child. Children soon realize that their parents were once where they are in school and connect learning to success.
  3. Being engaged in your student’s education allows parents to effectively communicate, especially when there are extenuating circumstances at home. Which can cause an effect on the child’s learning ability and/or classroom behavior.
  4. Security and confidence are built within a child when he realizes Mom and/or Dad value learning and how much their child is gaining at school.
  5. Students with engaged parents have less absenteeism. Two-way communication between parents and the teacher commits students to daily attendance.
  6. Students whose parents are engaged in their education have higher graduation rates. Parent-teacher relationships are key in helping students reach their academic potential.
  7. Parent engagement grants benefits to teachers and parents as well as the student. It helps with teacher morale because engaged parents tend to think more highly of their child’s teacher. And knowing more about students’ families helps a teacher better prepare lesson plans to fit her students which makes parents happy.

Parent engagement provides a win-win situation for everyone involved. It’s never too late to work on parent-teacher relationships, but the sooner, the better. Why not start today?


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