Five Ways To Improve School Culture

Here is a scary thought: “the United States prison system forecasts its space needs based on current discipline data captured in our schools.” And even scarier is the fact that “this number has nearly doubled since 1974, with a notable escalation in the mid-1990s as zero tolerance policies were put into place.” (7 Mindsets; Teaching … Continue reading Five Ways To Improve School Culture

Self-Care For Educators

Many teachers all around the country live with stress every day. When we live in constant stress, our brains start to downshift. According to scholars Geoffrey Caine and Renate Nummela Caine, “downshifting is a psychophysiological response to threat that results in a sense of helplessness or fatigue. A downshifted person has a nagging sense of … Continue reading Self-Care For Educators

Behavior Management

We all learned various strategies of classroom management during our teacher prep courses in college.  But in reality, when that door closes it is only you and 25-30 students you must take control of in order to have a flourishing learning environment.  If you cannot control your classroom, it’s going to be a very rough … Continue reading Behavior Management


Here are four organization tips and activities that the busy teacher can do at the end of the school year to get ready for the next school year. Start with your bulletin board! Keep some student work from May to use for August bulletin boards. You might have students in May write letters to the … Continue reading THIS YEAR SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS FOR THE NEXT SCHOOL YEAR!!

Test Taking Strategies

Most standardized tests employ multiple-choice questions. Here’s a list of test-taking strategies that students should use to answer multiple-choice questions: Read the entire question first. Students read the entire question first to make sure they understand what it’s asking. For questions about a reading passage, students read the questions first to guide their reading. Look … Continue reading Test Taking Strategies